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I'm Smruti. I'm a designer and a paper artist, I've always enjoyed making things.

I make chairs and brownies, and knives when I'm bored, and believe that a better world is just around the corner of a little more compassion. And I agree, focus on the user and all else will follow, we've seen it time and time again with companies, with artists, and with products.
Welcome to my portfolio!



Below, you will find some projects I'd like to share with you.

Additionally, you will find other projects/crafts if you wish to browse through the website. ⤴


We've taken strides away from nature, and keeping houseplants alive is a part time job. Here's a low maintenance modular garden.

mod gar_edited_edited.jpg

Demystifying mathematics is a board game that aims to familiarise students with patterns and relations between numbers and operators, and enriches their understanding by adding real time examples in words problems, while their primary focus is winning the game. This removes the fear that often comes with the subject tag, and as a board game, students tend to come back to it and, in essence, practice.


Cake can be messy. Here's a simple, four piece instrument to cut a cake into predefined number of slices and move half to another surface in one go. This concept came to be after conversing with a small bakery owner in California.


A startup in Kerala is making vegan leather from coconut water and plant fibres. I proposed to mechanize some of their processes.

I enjoy making structures and pieces with paper, precise calculations and perfect creases and their unmatched satisfaction.

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