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About Smruti

I'm Smruti, an industrial designer and a paper artist, which is to say that I've always enjoyed making things.

I make chairs and brownies, and knives when I'm bored, and I believe that a better world is just around the corner of a little more compassion. 
More importantly, I believe I can help bring that about with art and design.

Besides my process, my skills include 3D modelling and rendering, sketching, function based form ideation and basic / creative electronics. Being a paper artist makes it easier for me to prototype and run through proof of concept. I have a tendency to take charge but I enjoy being delegated tasks.

Besides this, I bake often, play Call of Duty sometimes and am learning to play the guitar. I'm usually writing and taking pictures in my free time as a creative or emotional outlet. And I should mention that if you haven't tried my pizzas, you should.

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