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I'm Smruti, an industrial designer and a paper artist. I make things, and I love it.

I make chairs and brownies, and knives when I'm bored, and believe that a better world is just around the corner of a little more compassion and a couple more smiles.
More importantly, I believe I can help bring that about with art and design.


We've taken strides away from nature, and keeping houseplants alive is a part time job. Here's a low maintenance modular garden.

mod gar_edited_edited.jpg

Demystifying mathematics is a board game that aims to familiarise students with patterns and relations between numbers and operators, and enriches their understanding by adding real time examples in words problems, while their primary focus is winning the game. This removes the fear that often comes with the subject tag, and as a board game, students tend to come back to it and, in essence, practice.


I had a knife-making phase.


A vertical, quick access storage space that leaves more tabletop to work with, one of my first projects: a Modular Organizer.

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 5.40.35 PM.png

A test of the structural integrity of paper, a stool with a mount board base.


I enjoy making structures and pieces with paper, precise calculations and perfect creases and their unmatched satisfaction.


I like to code and have an understanding of basic electronics, sensors, speakers, and more.

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